Q-Safe customer support person

A unique opportunity to work from home. Male or female, and would also suit someone with impaired mobility. I am looking for ONE person only.
Preferably living in the Highway Area (Kloof/Pinetown – KZN).

I am obsessed with customer service, and responding quickly to people’s requests. A similar attitude is essential.

I will be relocating, so I need a responsible dedicated person to replace me.

I write and sell computer software and sell it on the internet – specifically for the Health and Safety industry, with a focus on the construction industry, however it extends to others. While the information is largely web based, human interaction is critical. If you have good ability to talk to people, then this could be something for you.

I have over 1000 clients – occasionally, they need support and advice, as well as updates and assistance with lost programs through faulty computer, or theft. Clients are typically 30 to 50 year old business owners, working in a wide range of contracting and construction activities.

Interaction is by phone, email, WhatsApp, SMS and web site chat box. New people contact us every day – they have questions about the program and how it can benefit them and how it works. Demonstrations are all done by video, but there are times online support and guidance needs to be given, so an above average knowledge of computing is required. Some days are busy, others are quiet.

While I accept that you may need to leave the workstation (shopping, fetch kids, etc.) you must be in a position to safely answer a cellphone – the business can be fully portable.

A cellphone will be provided, and you are required to work within the confines of the call and data limits of the account (which are more than adequate).

A reliable internet connection is required, with an uncapped account.

There are times we will setup documentation for a client. You will need to gather the required client documentation as per a checklist, which may require the use of MS Photos or similar to edit and crop images. (e.g. ID book scans). You will also be required to print a client safety file (printer to be provided), place in a file, check it, and send with the courier. You will get paid extra for doing this.

You may be required to do an update on a clients computer using Teamviewer, which again means you need above average computer literacy – but it’s not rocket science. Follow the instructions.

Daily task includes:

Answer the cell phone and talk to the client. Respond to email requests – the most common form of communication. Enter prospect detail into computer, create an invoice if required. Offer client options.  All are listed on the internet site together with prices.

Gather information for a safety file setup. Liase with the other support ladies. Give feedback to me on clients and questions.  

The person I am looking for must:

Have a likeable phone personality – positive, friendly voice.

Be well spoken and have a good command of the English language.

Be quick to respond to phone call, message, Email or chat desk message.

Be empathetic to the needs of the client.

Be able to listen rather than talk. Be able to answer calls 08:00 to 17:00 with occasional after hours assistance.

Be able to follow instructions exactly as written.    

Experience required:

Be computer literate – above average.

Understand the construction industry – experience in other industries will be an advantage.

Have knowledge of occupational health and safety, and be prepared to learn more.  

Must have a computer and internet connection.  


Salary is R7000 plus commission, which includes remuneration for setting up documentation.


If you believe you can be completely awesome at this role, please do the following:

Proposal document: Send me an easily readable, one A4 page PDF document motivating why you will be the best candidate for the position. Max 500 words. Include your name, phone number, address and email address. Insert a mirror image of the Q-Safe logo (upside down) in the bottom right of the document – not more than 20mm high. Include a happy photo of yourself in the bottom left of the page – maximum 30mm high. Nothing more.

THEN, go to the following page: and download the program we sell. I need you to setup a safety file for a company “ABC Roofing Company”. The manager’s name is Adrian Thomas, and his assistant manager and foreman is Zane Khubeka. Create a project called “Park Boulevard”. Print Appointment page 2.3 to PDF and email to me with the above mentioned proposal document.  A setup video is available to assist. Summary: I only want 2 pdf documents from you, sent by email. Anything more will disqualify you immediately.

Send to me before Friday 12th April.

Thank you

Kim Wood

Then, mailto: