QSafe update guide.

We can update you to the latest version - or transfer to a new PC - here is how.

  1. Select Backup and Save.
  2. Save to a convenient place, ideally a Dropbox folder (Google Drive, One Drive, or similar) or just to your desktop. This is just in case you make a mistake.
  3. OR you can find the data file and copy it.  Search for a  .zdx file.  Most likely  C: > Program files (86x) > QSafe > qsafe.zdx

We are now going to place a copy of the backup file in a place common to all computers.

  1. Save / Copy the backup file (usually called QSafe Copy.zdx) to the Windows OS (C:) directory.(together with Program files, Users, Windows, etc.)
  2. If your computer does not allow you to do this because of "Permissions" - save it to the 'Public' folder, and then drag it into the C:
  3. RENAME the file to           backup.zdx



The QSafe update can be done as often as you like. You might need to request an updated software key.

Open your new version

  1. Download and open the new version. DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE A BACKUP - YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA
  2. Start the setup process - choose Q-Safe or Q-Safe PRO.
  3. Enter your company trading name in the blocks provided.  One letter per block.  Use UNDERSCORE to create a space.
  4. Select the option "update Q-Safe to a new version"  (top right side of the screen). Choose the option of version you are importing.
  5. Select "Proceed". The QSafe update will carry on automatically
  6. If you get the message "No fields are defined in the data source" - select OK
  7. Enter your license key when asked to do so, of go to the COMPANY DATA section and add the key there.
  8. CALL US IF YOU NEED HELP!  Help is free.