Risk Assessment


QSafe has a ‘risk assessment builder’ module

Edit easily as the risk changes. Add, edit, delete, duplicate.

Also known as a ‘Baseline Risk Assessment’

Risk assessment software

Risk Assessment:  The process of evaluating the risks to the health and safety of workers and other persons  from workplace hazards and activities.

It is a step-by-step assessment that considers:

  • Identification of all hazards and who may be affected by the hazard.
  • How a person may be affected.
  • What is the risk rating of the individual hazards and what is the priority in dealing with the risks – by who and how.

While some safety offices demand it, a risk assessment should not be dedicated to a specific tool, e.g. an angle grinder, or electric drill.

A risk assessment should look at the project as a whole. The use of an angle grinder or electric drill should be a component of the task or project.

How do we build risk assessments?

Q-Safe includes a ‘Risk Assessment Builder’

Quickly build from standard activities on the system, or add your own activities, and then store for future use.

  • Activities 300+ to choose from
  • Completed risk assessments 150+ to choose from
  • Add new activities to use later
  • Update existing risk assessments and activities
  • Change order of activities
  • Detailed baseline – unlimited length or
  • Activity specific risk assessment
  • Remove lines that are not relevant
  • Print in colour or greyscale

7 minute video on how to build risk assessments quickly

Risk assessment builder – how it works

So, you need to do a new risk assessment for a project…

All risk assessments appear on a list, which allows you to access any of them at any time. You can sort by name or by category.

You can mark your ‘favorite’ risk assessments for easy search and risk assessment can also be printed in colour or greyscale.

You can:

  1. Use an existing risk assessment and simply edit it – you might need to add or remove a row, or change the order, or edit the content fields (blocks) OR
  2. Use an existing risk assessment, duplicate it, rename it, and edit the content OR
  3. Build a complete new one

If you build a new one:

Select the ‘NEW’ option

  1. Start filling in each block OR
  2. Import an activity from the ‘Activity list’ – there are over 500+ to choose from – this is prepopulated – edit to suit.
  3. If you create a NEW ACTIVITY, you can easily add it to the “activity library’ for future use and/or
  4. Update an existing activity in the library at the click of a button – also for future use.

Reorder, edit and set ‘risk ratings’ to suit the activity.

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