QSafe Renewal options

Renew within 14 days of expiry and qualify for a 20% discount 

Option 1

Q-Safe D-I-Y
Single company

If you are renewing within 14 days after the expiry date,
send us an email and we will send you an invoice
with a 20% discount.

R1650 per year

Unlimited sites
Prompt renewal qualifies for a 20% discount.


Option 4

Q-Safe PRO
Unlimited contractor
Unlimited site

For safety specialists

R5500 per year


**QSafe renewal is optional. A reminder will be sent to you 14 days before expiry, with a renewal discount offer.

Are you setting up as a Health and Safety Specialist?

We have a special offer for you.

Use Q-Safe PRO to earn the money to pay for it.

  1. Order the standard version – R1650
  2. Create a file for a customer and print it.
  3. Present to the customer – get paid.
  4. Print a second copy, use as a sample for showing the quality of your services.
  5. Get a new order from a new customer, pay the balance – R3850.

OR Order the full program now, pay R2000. Pay R2000 on 30 days and another R2000 on 60 days. Payment is by card subscription with Stripe.com.
If you settle the full amount within 10 days from order – you only pay a total of R5500.