Partner/Franchise/Reseller Opportunity
The challenge:

    • Health and Safety consultants getting more clients.
    • Finding other ways to generate income - particularly repeat income.


      • The South African construction industry is not strong at present - The market for health and safety consultants in construction is becoming far more competitive.


        • Health and Safety is one of the few growing industries in South Africa.
        • There is strong demand for Health and Safety in Manufacture, Commercial and Retail sectors - plenty of opportunity.
        • With good exposure from our web site and client base, there is a strong avenue for getting work.

The Purpose:

          • To provide Q-Safe franchise holders with the means to generate additional income through the sale and setup of safety file software.
          • The software requires renewal after 12 months, providing residual income.
          • To provide the means for Safety professionals to spend less time on paperwork, and more time in growing their business.
          • Spending more time visiting construction sites will generate more income from the Contractor and sub-contractor through other services like training and implementation.
          • To expand the use of the Q-Safe software and encourage SMME contractors to become HSE compliant with minimal cost.


People needing consultant assistance are referred to the Partner geographically closest to them

  • Franchise holder benefit:
            • Additional income through the sale of software, and the setting up thereof.
            • Additional sales leads through the Q-Safe web site -,
            • Monthly click traffic exceeds 1000.
            • Display of franchisee advert would attract local clientele.
            • We use photos to allow clients to identify with consultants.
            • Ongoing consultancy work to assist the client.
            • The use of the Q-Safe name as a marketing tool. (Q-Safe demo has to date been downloaded over 7500 times, with 2500+ Video views).
            • Monthly return for online clients.
            • Sales are not limited to South Africa. International versions are available as well. (The new Generic International version is available March 2019 - expected to sell for about R5000)

    End user benefit:

            • Software which is easy to adapt for a current site as well as for their their next site.
            • A consultant who is available to assist (at a fee) or consult with them and appoint himself/herself as registered safety consultant, risk assessor, incident investigator, etc.
            • Someone to setup the software system if they lack the time / interest.
            • Access to weekly training by Q-Safe.
            • Access to support by Web site 'Chat box' to assist if needed.

    Costs to become a Franchise holder / Reseller:

            • R20 000 once off payment.
            • The franchisee will be provided with a copy of Q-Safe PRO (value R5000) for 12 months use.  (if already owned, R5000 credit is passed - pay an additional R15 000)

    You get:

  • A free copy of Job-Worx to run your business - keep track of clients, quotes, invoices, money. (Value R1500).50% off all Contracting Software products, which includes:
            • Q-Safe PRO (50% off R5000)
            • Q-Safe (50%off R1500)
            • Job-Worx (50% off R1500)

    50% discount of your Q-Safe PRO annual renewal.

    30% of monthly subscription from online clients.

    Other products are expected to follow soon.

    The franchise holder will be entitled to:

            • Free online training.
            • Free online technical support.
            • Listing on the Q-Safe web site, including face photo, logo, phone, email, location and 100 words of text.
            • A portable copy of Q-Safe which can be loaded onto any PC as a live fully functional copy with client name and logo for demonstration purposed. The file has a 3 hour demo life before it requires license key to activate.
            • The opportunity to submit suggestions on how the product can be improved.

    Prices exclude VAT.  VAT currently not charged. This may change.

    All franchise holders must be current members of SAIOSH or SACPCMP or hold a Health and Safety qualification.

  • Download a demo version of the software HERE.
  • Call us for more information.


If you are interested, we can book a one-to-one conference and demonstration chat to answer all your questions.

AND/OR request a download of the demonstration version of the product.

Please send us an email, call or use the Chat Box on the right of this page.