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For Computer only. Not suitable for mobile devices.

Windows 10/11 64-bit version

Version 2022.5.3
Updated 13 May 2022

Approx 80Mb

Application file
Includes code signing certificate
For Windows PC only
Not suitable for tablets

Download from

Warning : Due to ‘low volumes’ – Microsoft Defender might issue a warning. If you get this, please approve the download.

All downloads are signed with a ‘Digital signature’ for verification.

Please enter license key before printing documents.

Windows 32-bit version

Version 2022.2.1
Updated 17 February 2022

Approx 70Mb

Suitable for older computers
Download link
Please test before purchasing
Windows 7 may not work

How to set up your safety file

Download a copy of Q-Safe now to your computer.

Follow the detailed step by step instructions and you will be able to set up a safety file quickly.

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Mac – A Mac version is available – Contact us if needed.

To check on your operating system:   Settings  >  About  >  Device specifications.