Q-Safe PRO

For safety specialists

A business opportunity for Health and Safety Specialists to maintain the health and safety systems of many clients.

All client specific information is stored – e.g. personnel, training certificates, expiry dates, logo, site details, SWP, risk assessments

Safety file sorted - go focus on something else.
Safety file documents printed with personalised client logo and details

Video on how QSafe PRO works

(Please note – video is 2018 version – updated video soon)
Content is the same as the standard version.

What is different about QSafe PRO?

The PRO version has exactly the same content as the standard version.

There are two main differences:

  1. You can add as many company trading names as you choose. Each company retains its own data – employees, certificates, logo, etc.
  2. It is a ‘white label’ product, which means the Q-Safe logo does not appear on the footer of the page. The logo and link are that of the consultant.

For each client, you can store their specific:

  1. Company details.
  2. Employee data and training documents.
  3. Dedicated policies and risk assessments.
  4. Tool and vehicle details.
  5. Incident register.

You can check each company’s review dates for documents and safe work procedures, and expiry dates for the workers training certificates. This allows you to be proactive in keeping your client’s safety system up to date.

If you have the need for multiple users, we have an online system for that – Price on application. Call us.

Are you setting up as a Health and Safety Specialist?

We have a special offer for you.

Use Q-Safe PRO to earn the money to pay for it.

  1. Order the standard version – R1650
  2. Create a file for a customer and print it.
  3. Present to the customer – get paid.
  4. Print a second copy, use as a sample for showing the quality of your services.
  5. Get a new order from a new customer, pay the balance – R3850.

OR  pay R2100 now and R2100 in two extra installments (30+60 days time).

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