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How to set up a safety file
The quickest way to build a safety file – the first and all future projects.

We supply a software system – Q-Safe, which is specially designed for South African companies, and helps you build safety files.

Q-Safe clients can build their own safety files – PRICE.  

Some of our clients ask us to build it for them – see OPTIONS.  And, we can do this within 48 hours.**

20% of our clients are Health and Safety Specialists, who use Q-Safe to build safety files for other companies. PRO version

Q-Safe has been refined over the last 7 years, thanks to the input and contributions from our clients.

What is a ‘Safety File’?

A Safety File is part of your company health & safety management program.

It will demonstrate to Clients and Principal Contractors that you have taken suitable precautions to ensure that the health and safety of your employees, nor any other person, is going to be negatively affected by the actions of your staff on site.

The information contained must only refer to the activities of that specific site. It is not a generic document.

Q-Safe helps you achieve this.

Why have a SAFETY FILE?

Why? An employer, or their appointed contractor, is legally responsible for all activities on site. An incident can negatively affect them. For this reason, they need to make sure – as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’ – that your employees will work in a safe manner. Therefore, a safety file needs to be SITE SPECIFIC.

A SAFETY FILE is a business tool which helps your company stay compliant with The Occupational Health and Safety Act, and its regulations.

Documents will assist you in keeping details up to date and relevant.


  • Worker management.
  • Subcontractor management.
  • Hazard identification.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Safe work procedures.
  • Tools and asset management.
  • Checklists and registers.
  • All are easy to edit and update.

Proper site planning helps to eliminate risk.

A Safety Plan is a detailed set of documents which is part of your company safety management system that is created specifically for one project.

OHSOccupational Health and Safety – OSH / SHE / SHEQ / SHERQ

It is a worldwide initiative to reduce or eliminate accidents in the workplace.

Q-Safe Safety Software creates a detailed safety management system which allows you to keep your company compliant with the least amount of effort.

Effective compliance and systems prevents penalties by principal contractors the Department of Labour and our job is to help you achieve this.

Benefits of using Q-Safe Safety File Software

A Business Opportunity –

Q-Safe PRO

Do you build safety files for other companies? If so, this is for you.

Also for companies with multiple trading names.

  • 150+ Risk assessment samples.  Edit and add your own.

  • 100+ Method statement samples. Edit and add your own.

  • 50+ Toolbox talk samples. Edit and add your own.

  • SWP & SOP – Edit and add your own.

  • Individual client employees and training register.

  • Expiry reminders.

  • and much much more…


Become a Q-Safe FRANCHISE distributor – Contact us for more information

Get going quickly.

Simple download and setup, then creating a safety file within minutes…

**Safety file setup is generally done within 24 hours of receiving all the requested documents and completed setup detail form.

Do you only need a safety plan?

Not in South Africa?  There are international versions available.

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